Radio Talk Show Giant George Noory Sees ‘Judgment Day,’ 2012, In New Ways

Mark this day on your calendar: May 21, 2011, a Saturday, because on that day you will die – maybe.

This “Judgment Day” is being called by Family Radio Worldwide, a religious broadcast network in Oakland, Calif., run by Harold Camping. It seems this lunatic fringe prediction has gained a following.

Credit: Coast To Coast AM

The topic came up at the Saturday METal breakfast by guest speaker George Noory, host of the nationally syndicated late-night radio show “Coast To Coast AM”. Noory replaced Art Bell who retired eight years ago. Noory’s show covers the gamut from aliens and UFOs to paranormal activity and conspiracy theories, time travel, ghosts and God. It has a large following on 542 radio stations. He gets 3,000 e-mails a day.

All this stuff keeps me wondering, “Is there anybody out there.”

As to whether Noory is out there I really don’t know. When asked if he believed in the May 21 prediction he said, “I am not so sure anymore.”

At first he did not believe. But it seems he had a spokesman for Family Radio Worldwide on his show who, when asked for a sign the prediction would come true said “it will begin with a worldwide earthquake.” Noory thinks that may be the Japan earthquake.

But if the end of the world doesn’t happen that day, you can look forward to Dec. 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar expires. This was also discussed by Noory.

George Noory, Ken Rutkowski at METal

Interpretations of the 2012 scenario run the gamut. It might result in some bizarre spiritual transformation or possibly the end of the world.

Noory showed some humor as to why the Mayan calendar ends in 2012.

“Maybe the calendar guy quit,” he said, then in a more serious tone said, “No one knows. My theory is we will be involved in some kind of solar event. The Sun is doing some weird things and people are acting up in bizarre ways.”

Noory briefly touched on UFOs and aliens, a subject I have studied with enthusiasm. Here’s what’s interesting to me: There is far more evidence that UFOs are real than God, yet more people believe in God than UFOs.

Noory said astronauts Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper both talked openly about their UFO experiences.

“Mitchell has said that we are being visited by extraterrestrials on a regular basis,” Noory said. He has heard “far too many people explain bizarre situations,” and think we are being visited.

Edgar Mitchell on the Moon, Feb. 6, 1971

Another story by Noory makes you wonder what’s really out there.

He told the story of a man who was contemplating suicide and drove hundreds of miles. He then pulled off the road near a lake by a small town, considering his suicidal act.

An old farmer walks along and sits down aside the man and they talk for an hour. After which, the man was no longer suicidal and returned home in high spirits.

A year later, his life greatly improved, he returns to the town looking to thank the farmer, but doesn‘t know how to find him. Told to visit a house on the hill where the farmer’s daughter lives, he begins to tell her the story of how his life was saved. She then tells him to stop.

She said, “You are the fifth person to tell me a story like this and my dad died 15 years ago.”

It is stories like this and others dealing with life after death that has caused Noory to change his views.

“I was not a staunch believer in life after death,” he said. “Now I have come to believe that whatever happens when we die, something else is out there.”

Noory also mentioned something called “Mel’s Hole” in Washington state, some kind of bottomless pit with paranormal properties. Sounds like me.

In other notes on the METal breakfast:

METal leader Ken Rutkowski brought up Tom Patterson, who we haven’t seen for quite a while. Tom is now executive director, Dell Global Security Services and a leading authority on security issues. He mentioned “click-jacking,” a common, malicious technique that tricks Web users to click on things they really shouldn’t, because it gives other people control of your computer.

That has now morphed into “tap-jacking” on mobile phones, he said, which can be even more damaging.

Patterson said something else that made my ears perk, on botnets. It’s a bit complex what botnets can do. Essentially what happens is your computer gets infected and can be used by outside forces for different services. Frequently, when a Web site is hit with a Denial of Service attack, it is achieved through botnets. Amazingly, he said, “75% of PCs” have a botnet virus. Yikes!

Also, I spoke with Sam Saddigh, CEO of Knightsbridge Branding, a top-notch brand strategy firm. Sam gave me great advice on how to reach new heights. I will be upgrading this blog over time, partly with Sam’s help. Travis Schmidt of offered help as well. Recently I also got advice from Donna Estes Antebi.

As I was leaving, the truly amazing Wayne Bos said to me, “You look happy.”

I am. And many of you have made that possible. Thank you.

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3 Responses to Radio Talk Show Giant George Noory Sees ‘Judgment Day,’ 2012, In New Ways

  1. Thanks so much for the update as I couldn’t come yesterday. Hoping to come next week, but please keep writing, even when I’ve there — as I continually learn new things from your thoughts and observations.

    I was never much of an ET person, though I was a total space geek. I liked my ETs in STAR WARS better than in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. I have fantasized about what would happen if an actual ET announced itself to the world and figure it would probably be assassinated or captured before any regular person could meet it. Maybe that’s why they hide themselves on Earth.

  2. There’s no evidence that UFOs exist. Plenty of personal anecdotes but the fact that NONE are accompanied by factual verifiable data demonstrates they are creations of human imagination and group psychosis.


  3. Marty says:

    Thanks Brian and good read as always…when I next come along I will bring my Kodak Zi8 and you can use it to interview the speakers etc 🙂

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