UFO Sightings And Aliens Not Of This World

Years ago, for fun and adventure, I attended a UFO convention in Landers, Calif., near Joshua Tree.

The location was a popular meeting spot for UFO buffs and sightings in the 1950s. It was here that George Van Tassel had built his “Integratron,” a wood-and-wire domed two floor structure said to be an energy machine built partially on the theories of Nikola Tesla.

About a mile from the site is “Giant Rock,” a massive boulder in the Mojave desert believed to be a beacon for space ships, right next to “Crystal Hill.”

In 1951 Van Tassel was meditating at Giant Rock, the story goes, when he was transported to an alien space ship orbiting Earth, where he met the “Council of Seven Lights.” A year later he reports being visited by aliens from Venus, who suggest building the Integratron. It became Van Tassel’s obsession for the next 25 years.

The Integratron

As I recall, about 300 people attended the UFO convention at this location. Saturday was filled with seminars. Here I met Dr. Peterson, a tall and hearty man who told amazing stories. He said Mars was once inhabited and had an interstellar war with another planet in our solar system. In that battle the other planet was destroyed. Mars was so badly damaged that its surviving inhabitants left the planet for Earth. These “Reptilians” now live underground in Antarctica, parts of South America and China, he said.

Another man I spoke to had a scrapbook of photos and newspaper clips about UFOs. As I perused the pages, at one point he put his finger firmly on a photo and said forcefully, “If you ever see one of these, Run!” Apparently, as far as space aliens go, these were bad guys.

The most amazing story I heard was about Project Serpo, also called The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program. It starts with the Roswell UFO crash in New Mexico in 1947. It seems that one of the alien survivors had a communication system that enabled him to radio his home planet, Serpo, for retrieval. This contact ultimately led to the exchange program, which consisted of 12 humans getting picked up and taken to Serpo for a 10-year visit. The full story of this is documented  here, which is totally mind blowing.

The next morning I drove out to see Giant Rock and Crystal Hill. It’s a weekend I’ll never forget. I have always wondered if there’s something out there.

Giant Rock

I was reminded of the trip this week because of a story in the media. The FBI had released formerly Top Secret files, accessed through the Freedom of Information Act. One file was about Roswell. Another was about Majestic 12, an investigation launched after a pilot flying over the Cascade Mountains in Washington in 1947 reported seeing nine disc-shaped objects traveling in formation at high speeds. Hundreds of reports of similar sightings followed. This led to the Majestic 12 committee set up on an executive order by President Harry Truman, if you believe it or not.

Another document by the FBI was about “Project Blue Book,” a U.S. Air Force study that began in 1952 and investigated 12,618 UFO sightings. The book was closed in 1969, concluding that most UFO reports were misidentifications, though 701 were listed as “unidentified.” As a side note here, the years with the most UFO sightings, about triple the average, were 1952, ‘57 and ‘66. I wonder why.

All these stories capture my attention. Any time a UFO report is in the news I read it. If video is available I watch it, anything I find.

Search YouTube for UFOs. You’ll find a ton of videos, to include interviews with civilians and authorities describing incredible events. This includes radio communications from pilots during UFO encounters.

Over the years, NASA astronauts Gordon Cooper, Edgar Mitchell,  and Brian O’Leary have stated that UFOs are real. Another amazing claim comes from Colonel Philip Corso, who in 1997 wrote “The Day After Roswell.” And in 2001 a group of 20 military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to state their case that UFOs and extraterrestrials are real and the government has covered it up. It’s called “The Disclosure Project.” Then there’s also Area 51.

As is often the case, when a UFO story is reported at some point another story follows to say it was bogus or some kind of hoax. Many immediately accept the explanation. Most people probably know someone who claims to have seen a UFO. Can they all be wrong?

If every single UFO report is somehow false, then what is it in the human psyche that causes thousands of reputable people to announce they witnessed some unexplained phenomenon? In many of these instances the sightings are witnessed by large groups of people, like the thousands who witnessed the “Phoenix Lights” in 1997.

Despite this abundance of reports, our population is seemingly numb or generally indifferent about the possibility that maybe we have been visited, many times. After all, deep down, it’s a rather frightening thought. If they have the intelligence and means to get here, they sure as heck have the ability to pretty much do whatever they want.

Here’s why I am more of a believer than a disbeliever in all this. By my calculation, there are planets in our Universe that, in theory, have been around 500 million years longer than Planet Earth. Now, imagine the technology we would have by then. I bet we could do inter-stellar travel.

There’s always that question, though, that if these aliens are that advanced why the heck would they be interested in the Third Rock from the Sun? Whatever the case, some believe it’s time the media, which tends to make a joke of all this, take it more seriously.

Should I ever meet one of these aliens, the first thing I’ll say is, “I come in peace!” I hope they do, too.

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