Fear, Calamity And The Republican Tea Party

I will do what I said I wouldn’t when starting this blog and write about naked politics.

What compels me is fear, which I am led to believe is at the root of almost every unsettling emotion we have.

I have fear of calamity.

Consider the recent London riots. It started with anger over a fatal police shooting and spread wildly without a cohesive reason or message. People were simply pissed off about lots of things, urged on by some British hooligan losers.

The world is very wobbly in an economic sense. That’s evident by the sharp drop in stock markets worldwide. People are feeling unsettled about lots of things, like unemployment, government spending and debt. Heck, we may indeed see a global economic meltdown.

What I see now is people more boldly venting their frustration toward Barack Obama, as if he is the sole reason for what ails us. I’ve seen it in recent chain e-mails and Facebook postings where conservatives are more openly venting their spleen on our President. It’s a moment they’ve been waiting for because, deep down, they really do want to see Obama fail, despite implications for the well being of this nation.

They will deny it, unless you press them gently but firmly and watch the slime ooze forth. The desire to see Obama fail was first uttered early in his presidency by Rush Limbaugh. Deeply disguised racism is also surfacing, though it has been there all along. This occurred recently when Obama was referred to as “boy” and “tar baby” by two elected Republicans.

When people do admit they want Obama to fail, they then claim it is to prevent his“socialist policies” from taking effect. Their explanation is a combination of bullshit and ignorance. The truth is conservative Republicans simply go nuts when a Democrat is in the White House. They can’t stand the thought. Look at what happened to Bill Clinton. The impeachment hearings, the Vince Foster case and numerous other faux “scandals” were demonstrative of Republican angst that a Democrat was in the White House. It drives them crazy.

Consider what happened to Jimmy Carter, who conservatives love to vilify as the worst president ever. Decades after Carter left office they continue to ridicule him.

Let’s be clear. Clinton and Carter were more fiscally responsible than Reagan, Bush Sr. or Bush Jr., who engaged in massive deficit spending with nary a peep from Republicans. For more on this read my previous blog post titled “Until Debt Do Us Part.”

And for all the Republican ranting about smaller government, can someone name one major program they cut or where they reduced the size of government?

What I am driving at is this: Republicans need to wake up and chill out. This includes Tea Party activists and some who call themselves “Independent,” even though they vote Republican all the way. Your two Republican thought leaders are now Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman, who are the titular heads of the Tea Party. This is not the way you want to go, seriously.

Michelle Bachman

Unless what you really want is to see our economy and government collapse, bringing down with it the safety net that holds our society together. And that is what many of them really want to see happen, tragically so. Because it would confirm their desire to see Obama fail, the United States of America be damned.

It is a testament to deep seated anger, frustration, lack of tolerance and fear. Using the backdrop of God, guns and country they display a fake bravado of being dearly concerned about the future of the United States, as if they are the penultimate statesman. Give me a break.

Deep down inside is a fear that’s not been identified or addressed. Maybe it’s a fear of tolerance, acceptance and letting go. Maybe it’s a fear that the world isn’t exactly the way they want it to be and don’t know how to handle it. Maybe it’s fear they have lost control of their life and need someone to blame.

But it’s not really about having some glorious love for this country. That’s a charade to hide whatever it is that really boils your kettle.

Please, splash some ice water on your face, wake up, and get rational. There are better and smarter ways to fix the mess we are in than bringing down the house. And stop hating Obama. It’s not good for your health, or mine. When Reagan was president and getting criticized I saw bumber stickers that said, “America, Love It or Leave It.” Heed your own advice, perhaps.

If this group collectively keeps pushing the same buttons, the riots in London or the riots we saw in the Middle East, in Greece and elsewhere will seem like a tea party.

Is this what you really want?

Strength & honor,


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3 Responses to Fear, Calamity And The Republican Tea Party

  1. Scot says:

    Conservatives are actually enjoying the downgrade. America’s failings under any Democratic administration are like snuff porn to them.

  2. david s says:

    please if you will, Pat Buchanan, referred to Obama as “your boy” in a conversation with the host. That is QUITE different than calling some one boy. Pat is right on very many things, but is solely responsible for his opinions ( which are not racist) and not associated with the tea party, watch the video again ( it is painful) and see if you hear what I hear.

  3. Brian Deagon says:

    Your point is well taken, David, and thanks. And there are some things I have been in full agreement with Buchanan on, such as his opposition to the Iraq war. Still, when was the last time you heard someone refer to the President as “your boy.” I can’t recall hearing that ever before. It was a degrading slip.

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