Getting Sirius About UFO Evidence & Technology

Truth is stranger than fiction as this story will show – if it’s true. The hard part is in knowing where to begin.Humanoid

This is a story about UFOs and extra-terrestrials. I’ll start with the documentary film “Sirius” that debuted in Los Angeles Monday. It follows Dr. Steven Greer, an emergency-room physician turned UFO researcher, who I met last Saturday. In 1990 Greer established the Centre for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence, set up to contact extra-terrestrial civilizations. In 1993 he then founded The Disclosure Project with a goal to disclose what governments have reported about UFOs, ET’s and advanced energy and propulsion systems.

The feature length film claims Earth has been visited by ETs many times over the past 60 years. There have been thousands of landings, much of this recorded in previously secret government reports worldwide. A highlight of the film is the revelation of an alien being allegedly discovered in the Atacama Desert in Chile. This deceased life form is all of 6 inches tall and estimated, at the time of death, to have been about 7 years old, who died perhaps 100 to 1,000 years ago. The film documents that its DNA and bone structure was examined by top-level researchers, including a professor from Stanford University, Garry Nolan, who I also met Saturday, at a networking breakfast group I attend, where Greer gave a presentation ahead of the film debut.GreerImage

Dr. Greer is tall, slim, engaging, smart, eloquent and friendly. To me he was a kindred spirit, in that the topic of UFOs and ETs has enthralled me for decades, as I wrote about here. Greer says he has presented presidential briefings for President’s Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, background briefings for members of Congress, along with reports for the Central Intelligence Agency and other high-level intelligence groups. He is widely regarded as a foremost authority on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence.

The Sirius movie proclaims that alien life forms exist and can even be called forth, by you and friends, on a dark desert night, if managed in the right way. It’s what Greer wants you to do. Reach out to them; let them know we are ready to accept them, for a reason. They are friendly and want to help. But there’s one big problem. A group much more influential than us does not want that to happen. They want secrecy, as Greer explains.

Before I get into details of that let me tell you about my conversation with Greer, where I sat across the table with him over a buffet breakfast.

“Why don’t they just land on Washington DC and simply get over with this doubt as to whether they exist or not?” I asked.

The answer was that the ETs believe we can’t handle the truth, not just yet, concerned that their technology and presence might be used for evil purposes, which I’ll explain in a moment.

“How did they find Earth, given the enormity of this Universe?”  He thinks maybe they knew we were here from the start and suggested that maybe Earth has been an experimental planet by the ETs.SiriusPoster

Lest you think I am snickering, I find all of this plausible. If you do the math it is possible for these ETs to have been in development perhaps more than a million years before Earth fully formed. When you imagine the technology we will have a half million years from now, it’s not hard to believe these ETs are super advanced. Moreover, with our current technology, right now, we are peeking deep into the Universe and looking for planets that are like Earth, able to sustain life. Why wouldn’t they do the same?

“How do they get here, given the vast distance of space?” They use advanced propulsion systems that, rather than having to travel light-years from Point A to B, the distance is rather short, in real time. Greer also says we could do the same, if only given the chance. And it is here where the bad news begins.

Greer maintains that a cabal of military, industrial and financial interests has kept this knowledge of contact with ETs and their technology secret for over 60 years. If this were openly revealed to the world it would enable us to eliminate the need to use oil, gas, coal and nuclear power as our primary energy source. That’s a multi-trillion dollar business the cabal will not peacefully leave behind.

Part of the film describes how we have the knowledge to build these energy systems used by aliens, but it has been squelched, covered up or destroyed. Scientists like Nikola Tesla and T. Townsend Brown were onto to it in the early 1900s, but their technology or research was ultimately squashed. The movie says the banks that control the global monetary system, in cahoots with the major oil companies and other “misanthropic sociopaths” are keeping us from having access to such technology, as it would enable free energy, which could liberate the world from poverty, inequality, lack of potable water and so forth. It could also collapse the religious belief systems throughout the world by revealing that intelligent life is out there not of this world, long before God created the world in six days. In short, unveiling this technology would totally disrupt the world. Their world would fall asunder, and they won’t let that happen.

It should come as no surprise that he who controls the money also controls the power. This cabal of military, industrial and financial interests has taken all means necessary to keep you from knowing the truth, to include their involvement with media deception and manipulation, to convince you that belief in UFOs and aliens is lunacy. The branch that carries out these dirty deeds has been known as Majestic 12, which has been around for decades. As the story goes, they have killed people, squelched all progress on advanced energy systems, intimidated Presidents and also sewed fear, uncertainty and doubt into the minds of the public to have them believe this is a joke. No doubt some of you reading this have been laughing all along. It’s working.UFO1

You can find much of this material to support what’s in the Sirius movie at the Disclosure Project website, materials which Greer and a large team have obtained through Freedom of Information Act filings and so forth. It’s voluminous. The deeper you get the more surreal it seems. The challenge here is in accepting that it may all be real, or most of it. Greer is not the only one hot on the trail. As you follow the links and do searches on the Web you’ll discover many groups who have put a tremendous effort into finding the truth about what is truly out there.

I asked Dr. Greer what happened at Roswell, New Mexico, one of the most famous stories of a UFO crash. He thinks that the spaceships – yes, there were two of them – did not land but in fact were shot down by the U.S. military. As the story goes these saucers had been buzzing the area for years, and we knew it. We just didn’t know what to do, until high energy weapons were developed that enabled us to point, aim and fire, knocking one out which then crashed into the second vehicle. Moreover, he says, we have shot down many more. Asked why they don’t shoot back, it’s because their intentions are peaceful.

I am fascinated by UFO stories. I’ve read numerous media reports on them and I’ve viewed many UFO videos on YouTube.  I have also read through numerous official documents. In the past few years there have been massive data dumps of UFO files by governments that include the U.K., Australia, Germany, Russia and Canada, but not the U.S.

And if you think this is just stuff reported by loony’s who belong in a funny farm, you would be wrong. Many of these reports come from commercial airline pilots, Air Force Pilots, military personnel, high level government officials, astronauts and other highly credentialed professionals.

Here is what puzzles me. More people believe in God than UFOs, yet while there is no credible proof that God is real, there is an abundance of evidence to suggest ETs and UFOs are here. Do a YouTube search and watch the videos. Read some of the reports on Disclosure and elsewhere. Are they all a hoax?  There are thousands of reported sighting, videos, testimony and so forth. It is all there for those willing to look, with an open mind.

The good news, says Greer, is these ETs are friendly and want to help. The bad news is the cabal, including the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned of in his last day of office, doesn’t want you to know the truth. The truth is out there. All you need to do is look.

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